Apitherapy or bee therapy, is the use of products of the common honeybee for therapeutic purposes which involve the medicinal use of bee stings, the venom to reduce inflammation and boost the body immune system. These products are said to have medicinal effects and effective against a wide range of ailments, from arthritis and chronic pain to multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Therapies involving the honeybees have existed for thousands of years and some may be as old as human medicine itself. The ancient rock art of early hunter-gatherers depicts the honeybee as a source of natural medicine. Bee venom therapy was practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece and China three great civilizations known for their highly developed medicinal systems.

Apitherapy in nagaland

Although there has been multiple reports from beekeepers that scores of bee stings has resulted in scant ailment, not even a fever, however, in Nagaland there are only two known apitherapists namely; Ms. Lily Tep of Terogonyu village and Pastor Wachu Kath of Kandinu village and under Tseminyu block of Kohima district. Apitheraphy is gaining a foothold among the people of Nagaland who come in droves to seek Apitherapic treatment.

Apitheraphy is used for treatment against cancer, arthritis, infertility, fever, Jaundice, goitre, indigestion, gastritis, kidney problem, Asthma, dry cough, sinus, eyes allergy, corn, toothache, reptiles bite, skin disease, blood clots, lesion etc. The numbers of bee stings administered differs depending on the stage of the disease and as the treatment progresses the number of bee stings is reduced. This centre is being visited by naga people from all over the Districts.

Method of treatment

Before any form of bee sting ¡s administered, a test for allergy or blood pressure is carried out first. This is done by stimulating a bee to sting the skin portion between the thumb and the index finger (this point directly connects with the heart) and wait for 20 to 25 minutes. In case of allergy, spirit is used as an antidote, but if there is no adverse reaction a full course of Apitherapy is given. When a patient is weak or is on a fast Apitherapy is not done.

Different points such as the portion between the thumb and index finger, temple, nape, are used as a point of contact for bee acupuncture.

For ailments like toothache and eye infection bee acupuncture is done in the gum and on the periphery of the eye. For stomach pain the bee acupuncture is done at the nape.
Diabetes takes the longest and rigorous period of treatment i.e. 8 months.
Skin disease (ringworm) – 40 to 50 stings at a time.
The number of bee sting depends on the severity of the disease. Impure blood suction is sometime along with bee sting. Normally children below 8 years and age old patients are not treated. Apitherapy acts as anti- biotic as well as painkiller.

Contact & Address

Lily Tep

Terogonyu Village, Tseminyu Block, Kohima.


Wachu Kath

Kandinu Village, Tseminyu Block Kohima.

# 9436604995

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