Storyline on Bees and Wax

Honey bees have been around for thousands of years. They are the only insect capable of producing wax in nature. Beeswax are secreted by the young female worker bees from a specially designed wax glands located in their tiny abdomen. The wax thus secreted are used by the industrious honeybees to build their hexagonal shaped honey combs in which they store their sweet honey. Beeswax that goes into making our various balms are obtained from the wild forest bees of Apis laboriosa ( Rock bee) in the mountainous districts of Kiphire and Tuensang in the eastern corner of the State of Nagaland (India). The traditional honey hunters from this two districts have been collecting wild honey and beeswax since time immemorial. The ancient art of wild honey hunting from the rocky cliffs of Mimi and Khonjiri villages under Kiphire district bordering to Myanmar has been passed on from one generation to the next. Today few such adventurous and brave honey hunters still exists and are keeping the tradition alive with great zeal and agility. Since the bygone days, the wild honey hunters of Mimi and Khonjiri knew the value of their harvested beeswax. They used it as a barter commodity with the Burmese across the border. In the past one basket full of beeswax were exchanged with one prized Mithun (Bos frontalis) with the Burmese people after every harvest season. Though this is no longer practiced, they are now able to readily sell their harvested beeswax produce for various value added products. Other traditional uses of beeswax by the Nagas include making of beeswax candles, and coating of cotton cloth with a layer of beeswax for lighting purpose. Women folks in many Naga villages make use of beeswax to smoothen their weaving loom equipment’s for easy and smooth weaving of their shawls and mekhala (traditional sarong). Hive products have customary values attached with it and are traditionally used for treating various common ailments and practical purposes by the Nagas. The harvested honey combs from such forested and rocky terrains are directed sourced from the honey hunters by NBHM. It is then hygienically processed and made into blocks of beeswax and converted into various value added products like lip balms and pain balms. Our beeswax products are currently in high demand both in the local and outside markets due to increased awareness and high value attached to hive products.


Beeswax are the most natural emollient that can be put to use for various purposes. It is used widely for various industries like the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Beeswax lip balms are natural, gentle and soothing for dry chapped lips and provides protection from the vagaries of the environment. They have the ability to retain moisture and perfectly binds with various curative herbal oils and essential oils and used in preparation of different healing balms.

Bedazzled Lip Balms are a product range from the Hive that promises wellness from the buzzing bees. They are made out of pure beeswax and loaded with natural moisturizers that heals and relieves dryness and provides the much needed gentle care for dry chapped lips. Combined with the other essential oils and natural food color it bedazzles the user and is guaranteed to keep your lips naturally moisturized and healthy. We have a wide range of 9 (nine) differently flavored lip balms to choose from in convenient 10 gms acrylic containers. Which include vanilla, mango, strawberry, olive, orange, pineapple, chocolate, coconut and honey lip balms. In some of the lip balms edible food color is used for added appeal without altering its naturalness

Bedazzled Soothing Pain Balms are a product range from the Hive with the aim to provide wellness from the buzzing bees. They are made out of beeswax and holistically blended with curative herbal oils like winter green, camphor and olive oil. Winter green oil blended with beeswax provided effective relieve and healing from muscles and joint pains. Oil of Camphor mixed with beeswax is a good decongestant that relieves chest congestion & cold, while Olive oil blended with pure beeswax is effective for smoothening and moistening dry parts of the skin like cracked heels, elbows, knees and hands. Unlike other conventional balms that contains chemical compounds, pain balms made out of beeswax provides an all-natural therapy for our ailments. We have 3 (three) different soothing pain balms namely, Wintergreen, Camphor and Olive packaged in 20 gms acrylic containers.  

We encourage buyers and users to go local and natural for holistic healing and happiness. Beeswax soaps is on the pipeline, soon to be launched in the market under our value added enterprise.

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